This species have a nice population in the french territory. You can find them in many lake and river. Perch fishing is one of the most simply kind of fishing however you need to know how this predator chase. Technics, lures, weather conditions, seasonality.

Lures selection

Fishing gear

You need to have the lure getting closer of the baitfish. The Black Minnow 70 is always a good size for perch fishing during the spring and summer.  On the other hand the period of autumn and winter significate to fishing with lure slightly bigger like Black Minnow 90 and 120. For the color choice we recommanded to choose a natural color when the water is clear conversely when the water is dirty we will choose a UV color or flashy color (Rose / Orange – Yellow)

3 animations

• Linear:

Adopt a more or less rapid covery halfway up the water layer, interspersed with short breaks. This will encourage the active fish in the area over maximum ground cover (power fishing).

• See-saw :

Make ample and regular pulls once in contact with the bottom. The fish often bite during the descent of the lure, remember to control your line!


Adopt a minimalistic motion with your Black Minnow, above the bottom or seagrass beds. This slower

technique will encourage lessactive fish. A technique that favors big catches over numerous smaller ones! Nice surprises await you!

Preferred season for perch fishing

Summer and autumn are usually the ideal seasons. It is at this time that brood fish begin to surface on a large scale, an easily accessible primary food source for perch.

Fishing zone

Prospect the congested area, lot of  perch love this type of biotop to chase the bait fish. If you have sonar use it to find the shoal of fish


More easily obtained both physically and financially. • Provides access to inaccessible spots from the edge.

• More precise fishing around vertically immersed structures and trees.


  • We recommanded to fishing with a second person
  • Dont’ forget your life jacket and attach all of your stuff
  • low coast embarcation !
  • Don’t forget your phone